Residential Rental Permits

Residential Rental Permits

Owner & Renter Protection

Back in November of 2006, a new ordinance took effect in order to protect owners and renters. All rental property owners with four units or less on one parcel are required by City Ordinance Number 1843 Section 6-129 subsection (a) to acquire and maintain a Residential Rental Permit for each property located within the incorporated city limits of New Port Richey with an annual fee of $70.
This ordinance was designed to protect both the owner and the renter. It protects the owner by identifying them and ensuring that the most current contact information is on file in case of an emergency. It also protects the tenant by ensuring that the residence they are renting has met the standards of the minimum housing code according to City of New Port Richey Ordinance Number 1818 Section 6-96.

New Owner Permit Application

If you are a new owner and you would like to apply for a Residential Rental Permit, please complete the Residential Rental Permit Application.

Expiration Date & Late Fee

All Residential Rental Permits expire on December 31 of each year and renewal forms are sent out in early November as stated in City Code. In order to renew your existing permit, you will need to send in a completed Residential Rental Renewal Form and the $70 renewal fee.
After the December 31 expiration date, we send out another renewal form, at which time the permit has expired. If you are renewing your permit after the expiration date, you will need to send in the completed renewal form, $70 renewal fee, and the $70 late fee for a total of $140 per property.

Contact Information

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