Water Distribution

Water Distribution


The City of New Port Richey provides over 9,700 water services, ranging in meter size from 3/4 inches to 10 inches. The City's customers include businesses, trailer parks, offices, restaurants, medical facilities, individuals, and bulk customers.

The Water Distribution Division maintains and repairs more than 131 miles of water lines. These water mains range in diameter from 1 1/2 inches to 30 inches.

Maintenance & Repair

Maintenance consists of flushing the lines to prevent buildup of rusty water, regular testing of all bulk meters, and changing out or repairing household meters. Meters which have been removed are reconditioned whenever possible, and placed back into service in another location.

Repairs are often required with little or no advance notice and at any time of day. There is always someone on call for this purpose. Damage to the water lines can be due to contractors, utilities, or homeowners' digging, boring, or setting posts.

Damage Control

In an effort to prevent damage to water services, the City of New Port Richey participates in Sunshine State One Call, the statewide utility notification center. In response to receiving location requests, utility lines are marked to prevent damage.