Toilet Rebate Program

Toilet Rebate Program

Toilet Rebate Program

The City of New Port Richey and the Southwest Florida Water Management District have agreed on a Cooperative Funding Initiative for a Toilet Rebate Program for City of New Port Richey utility customers.

The program is designed to replace high volume toilets with High Efficiency Toilets (HET).


After successful completion and verification, you will receive the appropriate rebate of up to $100.00.


  • Must be a City of New Port Richey Utilities Customer
  • Must be the owner of the property or have signed approval by the owner
  • Toilet must be non-efficient and installed prior to 1995
  • The High Efficiency Toilet must replace a high-flow toilet and be verified by the program administrator.

How to Apply:

  • Request and Application from the program administrator at (800) 964-2140
  • Upon Verification you will receive an application including the policies and procedures that qualify for the rebate.

Inspections include but are not limited to:

The program administrator will schedule an on-site installation verification/inspection to confirm that each installed HET (1.25 gallons per flush or less) has replaced a high flow toilet (3.5 gallons per flush or more).

  • Observation of the flush out refill of the toilet to ensure proper operation and to confirm water level in the tank and bowl is consistent with manufacturing standards.
  • Installed High Efficiency toilet is certified to meet WaterSense criteria through the approval of the Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) WaterSense labeling program.
  • Upon completion of Inspections, Public Works will properly dispose Toilet.

This program is cooperatively funded by the City of New Port Richey & Southwest Florida Water Management District