Neighborhood Clean-Up

Neighborhood Clean-Up

2021 Spring Clean-Up Marked as Successful

The semi-annual clean-up was held Saturday, June 12th. City residents brought their unwanted items to the Frances Avenue Park and the old River Road Church. During this event the City rented 30 yard dumpsters, (7) seven were filled with unwanted items, 16.02 tons, while (2) two were filled with metal. City staff also distributed 200 indoor and outdoor water conservation kits and 100 stormwater related outreach items to those who participated in the event. In addition to the dumpsters and outreach items the following quantities were recorded:


  • 39 Televisions
  • 39 Computers
  • 28 Monitors
  • 18 Printers
  • 15 DVD Players


  • 8 Large
  • 10 Small

Paints & Chemicals:

  • 233 Gallons of Paint
  • 109 Gallons of Misc. Chemicals
  • 65 Gallons of Used Oil
  • 13 Gallons of Gasoline



  • 40 Tires
  • 45 Bulbs
  • 70 Batteries
  • 1 Fire Extinguisher


As always, keep a look out for the city calendar for our Fall Clean-Up date.

The City of New Port Richey hosts a bi-annual neighborhood clean-up event in the fall and again during late spring of each year.  The dates and times will be posted on the city calendar. This event allows residents of the City of New Port Richey to dispose of unwanted items in dumpsters rented by the City. Residents can take their unwanted items to either one of the two locations and properly dispose of those items.

Materials Allowed

  • Glass
  • Wood (8' or less)
  • Drywall
  • Fence
  • Undamaged TVs / Computers
  • Carpet
  • House Furniture
  • Mattress
  • Plywood
  • Paint

For additional information you may contact the Public Works Department at (727) 841-4536

Dumpster Locations

  • Frances Avenue Park off of Louisiana Ave.
  • The former old River Road Church located at south 6131 River Road.
    • Paper Shredding available at River Road Location only.
      • Please limit paper shredding to 4 paper boxes per household.
    • * Nonworking, undamaged TVs, Computer Monitors/Towers accepted at River Road location only.
    • * Paint & household chemicals accepted at River Road location only.