Railroad Square Improvement Project

Railroad Square Improvement Project

Railroad Square Improvement Project

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Another milestone in Downtown New Port Richey’s renaissance is on the horizon as construction for the enhancements to Railroad Square is slated to begin this summer.

In 2019, Railroad Square was identified as an untapped resource with the potential to spark increased support for the business community and to create an inviting public space, so a plan was conceived to transform the roadway from an underwhelming thoroughfare into a beautiful pedestrian plaza that still serves vehicular access needs.

With an estimated total investment of $4.5 million, the overhaul of Railroad Square will unfold in two phases. Phase I improvements will concentrate on the portion of Nebraska Ave. between Adams St. and Grand Blvd. Phase II improvements will address the section between Grand Blvd. and Bank St.

Enhancements include shade sails, lighting improvements, landscaping, market-style kiosks, seating arrangements, and an outdoor activity zone with cornhole and swings. Additionally, Cavalaire Square will be outfitted with a shaded seating area, creating a more inviting space for live entertainment in the heart of our historic downtown.

These efforts, which reinforce the city’s commitment to nurturing community vitality through enhanced public spaces, will draw foot traffic to local businesses and redefine the area as a vibrant cultural hub. Upon its completion, Railroad Square will provide an ideal venue for gatherings, special events, and exhibitions that celebrate culture and strengthen our community spirit.

Before construction begins, the city will hold several meetings to communicate project information and to strategize means of minimizing disruption to local businesses. All business owners and citizens are encouraged to attend.




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