Development Department

Development Department

Our Vision

Building a better tomorrow, starting today

Our Mission

Enhance the City’s position as the business, financial and cultural heart of West Pasco County, by ensuring the safe conditions of existing buildings, making sure new developments are aesthetically pleasing, functionally relevant, and enhancing the residential and commercial core of the city.


The Development Department coordinates the approval processes for building, planning, zoning, and redevelopment activities in the city. The department ensures that existing properties and newly constructed buildings meet all applicable codes and regulations. It also provides comprehensive planning services and zoning information.

Refer to each of these web pages for more information:

  • Building Division
  • Planning Division
    • Long Range Planning
      • Comprehensive Planning
      • Redevelopment Planning
      • Regional Planning
    • Current Planning
      • Zoning Review
      • Development Review

Zoning Information Available through Development Department

The Development Department is your source for information about zoning on all parcels within the city limits. Below is a link to the city maps. This map does change, so please call for the latest information.  The zoning information on the Pasco County Property Appraiser website may be inaccurate.

GIS Maps and Data

Fold Your Plans Like a Pro!

Why does the Development Department ask that you fold your development plans this way? A properly folded plan 1) makes the title block visible without having to open the entire sheet, 2) is easier to open and close, and 3) fits in standard size file folder.  Take a look at this video and see how you can “fold like a pro”.

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