Streets and Right of Way Maintenance

Streets and Right of Way Maintenance


The Streets and Right of Way Division maintains city streets, sidewalks, traffic signs, and public trees. The division is responsible for maintaining:

  • 35 miles of roadway marking
  • 40 acres of mowable land
  • 65 miles of paved road
  • 80 miles of curbing

Sidewalk Maintenance

The Streets and Right of Way Division repairs or replaces sidewalks, curbs, wheelchair ramps, city streets, and parking lots. Sidewalks and curbs are edged on a regular basis on all major streets inside the city.

Traffic Signs

The division installs street markings such as center lines, stop bars, crosswalks, turning lanes, arrows, and school zone markings. We also install and maintain all uniform traffic control and informational signage.

Illegal Dumping?

If you see any form of illegal dumping, please contact the City of New Port Richey Code Enforcement immediately at (727) 841-4550.

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