Function Areas

Function Areas

Employment Function

The employment function plans, organizes, and implements the recruitment and selection processes for the city. This function is an ongoing function that supplies services to departments and employees from initial hiring to overseeing promotional opportunities. The department must track applications and ensure the process is updated and in compliance with the city’s rules and regulations, City Codeopens in a new window, and City Charter. The recruitment process includes contacting to applicants through media such as the city website, Internet, newspapers, and any other methodology that is cost-effective for the purpose of posting job openings.

The City Charter provides that there shall be a merit system for employees. This guarantees a means to recruit, select, develop, and maintain an effective and responsive work force, with all appointments based on merit and fitness. This responsibility is for creating, organizing, and structuring a hiring process for open positions that will allow the city to hire or promote the best candidate. The process will vary for each position and may involve anything from a simple interview to an examination process that may include a testing program, a practical examination of skills, multiple interviews, or an assessment center.

Pay & Classification Function

The pay and classification function of the Human Resources Department develops and maintains job classifications and creates a city pay plan that is adopted by the City Council. In order to accomplish this mission, the department must periodically audit various classifications, perform pay and classification surveys, and maintain compliance with current laws.

Employee Relations Function

The employee relations function is responsible for the maintenance of employee and personnel records and maintains and updates the city rules pertaining to human resources. This function includes overseeing the City Code of Conduct, administering city recognition programs, and negotiating conditions of employment through labor contracts with the city’s Police and Fire unions.

Training Function

The training function is responsible for coordinating and offering employee training programs and professional development opportunities for city employees. This may include general or supervisory training and the distribution of training materials and newsletters.

Benefits & Risk Management Function

The benefits and risk management function has two distinct programs. The benefits function is responsible for the city’s employee benefit programs, including an Employee Assistance Program (EAP) and a variety of insurance programs such as health insurance, life insurance, unemployment, and worker’s compensation. Oversight of the city pension programs is also a part of the benefits functions.

The risk management function manages the city’s risk and liability. This function has the responsibility to limit the city’s liability and exposure in the areas of property, casualty, and professional liability.

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