Crystal Dunn
Finance Director
Phone: 727-853-1054

Mission Statement

The mission of the Finance Department is to protect the City’s interests through the proper custody and accounting of public funds and sound financial management and to help facilitate the achievement of the City’s goals and objectives with timely, relevant, and accurate financial reporting, which provides information for decision makers and other stakeholders. The Finance Department provides financial services to the public, city officials, and departmental personnel.


The Finance Department oversees 2 divisions – Accounting & Budgeting and  Billing & Collection. The department is responsible for all accounting, budgeting, financing, purchasing, inventory, and cash management activities for the the City. Responsibilities also include safeguarding the City’s assets, managing the City’s investment portfolio, debt management, accurate and timely financial reporting, billing and collections, and providing financial support to all City departments and divisions.

In addition, the department coordinates preparation of the annual budget, monitors budget compliance, coordinates the annual audit conducted by an outside independent audit firm, and prepares and issues the Comprehensive Annual Financial Report (CAFR). Other functions include financial planning & forecasting, payroll administration & reporting, capital asset tracking & reporting and project accounting.


The Accounting & Budgeting Division processes all financial transactions that comprise the CAFR, prepares the financial reports, processes accounts payable & payroll, completes specialized billing, and provides other accounting related services.


The Accounting & Budgeting Division is responsible for preparing the annual operating budget for the City. This process includes revenue forecasting, expenditure analysis and salary forecasting. In addition to preparing the budget, the Division prepares and presents periodic financial status reports to the City Council.

Billing & Collection

Billing & Collection prepares the City’s monthly billings for water, sewer, and reclaimed water services and also provides customers with information on rates, types of services available, and any regulations that pertain to our billing service. Stormwater and street lighting service are billed and collected on the tax bill.




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