Contractor Information

Contractor Information

Contractor Information


The State of Florida mandates certification requirements for many categories of contractors. These contractors are required to be licensed at the State level or local level. Certification is based on experience, education requirements, and passing a written examination. State-certified contractors can work anywhere in the state. Locally-certified contractors can only work in the local jurisdiction or another jurisdiction that has a reciprocity agreement with them.

All construction work in the City of New Port Richey must be done by State licensed, Certified, or Registered contractors with the exception of property owners. There is an exemption under Florida Statute, Section 489.103(7)(a) opens in a new windowthat allows an owner to act as a contractor with certain restrictions. Before a building permit can be issued to an owner-builder, the Owner-Builder Disclosure Statement must be completed, notarized, and returned to the Building Services Division.

Information for Contractors

Certified and registered contractors working in the city must register with the City. See City Code sections 13.95 through and 13.103 of Chapter 13, Article Vopens in a new window, Contractors. Contact the Building Services Division for more information.

Online Permit Information
The status of your permit application can be viewed online.

Information for Consumers

Need the services of a licensed contractor? Use these tipsopens in a new window to protect yourself.

Verify a contractor’s license by visiting the Florida Department of Business and Professional Regulation (DBPR) State of Florida Licensed Contractor Databaseopens in a new window and searching the State of Florida Licensed Contractor Databaseopens in a new window.

To file a complaint against a contractor, call DBPR at (850) 487-1395 or visit the website.