Starting a Business in the City

Starting a Business in the City

Business Startup – City Process

Startup is an exciting phase in the life of a business, but it can also bring much frustration and hardship without considerable planning, research, and attention to detail. The City of New Port Richey supports and facilitates the creation and expansion of all business—large and small. To better assist you in acquiring your Business Tax Receipt (BTR), please review the New Business Welcome Letter for information on the required documentation and process.

  1. The completed Zoning Clearance Application must be submitted to the Development Department for review prior to applying for the BTR. When the application has been approved.
  2. The completed Business Tax Receipt Application must be submitted to the Development Department, with the required documents listed, unless not applicable:
    • Photocopy of Driver’s License
    • County License(s) – BTR
    • State License - It your responsibility to know what licensure is necessary for your industry. Examples:
      • Department of Business and Professional regulations
      • Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services
      • Department of Health
      • Department of Financial Services
      • The Florida Bar
      • Board of Pharmacy
      • Agency for Health Care Administration
      • Florida Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles
      • Nonprofit Exemption – e.g., 501(c)(3)
      • State License for Serving/Selling Alcohol
    • Department of Treasury (IRS) - EIN Number Assignment, or Social Security Number
    • Department of Revenue Sales and Use Tax
    • Sunbiz – Division of Corporations
    • Fictitious Trade Name
    • Alcohol License
  • Salons/Barbershops need a BTR, as does each cosmetologist/technician. It is the responsibility of the salon owner to ensure that all licensed cosmetologists/technicians working in the salon, which do not receive a w-2, receive a BTR. If the Salon Owner also works as a cosmetologist/technician, then he/she would need one as well.
  • Professional Offices – A BTR must be obtained for the office as well as all licensed professionals unless the licensed professional is working solely as an employee and receives a W-2. It is the responsibility of the business owner to ensure all licensed professionals (such as doctor, CPA, attorney, etc.) have filed for their own BTR.
  • Organizations that are exempt – A BTR application is to be submitted (documentation included). However, the tax is waived.


  1. To finalize your Business Tax Receipt and prior to opening your business, the premises must pass a Building & Fire Safety Inspection. To help ensure compliance with city ordinances and NFPA standards, please use this list as a guide for requirements:
    • Fire Extinguishers: Every business shall have a minimum of at least one portable fire extinguisher. Depending on the type or occupancy of your business, you may be required to have more than one. (Minimum size permitted is 5lb., ABC type rated (2-A 10BC) which must be certified annually.)
    • Exit Signs: Must be illuminated with battery backup. Where exits are not readily visible, directional exit signs must be installed.
    • Emergency Lighting: Emergency lighting must be in operating condition and provide one (1) hour of battery power.
    • Extension Cords/Multi-Tri Taps: Extension Cords are considered temporary use only and Multi-Tri Taps are prohibited.

Transfer & Name Changes

Name Change

License name changes, if not done at the time of renewal and when there is no owner change, are $10 per business tax receipt (BTR) and an updated Pasco County Tax Receipt with the new name will be required. If the business is a DBA, a new Fictitious Name Certificate will also be required before the name change can take place.

Transfer of Existing Tax Receipt

In order to transfer an existing BTR to another location or to a new owner within the incorporated city limits, the existing BTR must be brought current for the existing year. A new application fee of $50 plus 10% of the current yearly fee will be charged. The previous BTR must be surrendered at the time of the transfer or the application fee will be charged as well as the full price of the tax receipt.

If you have any questions, please contact the Billing and Collections Department at (727) 853-1248.

Tax Exempt Corporations


Tax exempt corporations must complete the Business Tax Receipt Application, Use of Property Application, Emergency Contact Form, Exemption Waiver for Nonprofit Organizations, and the 501(c)3 Exemption Waiver Form. The Exemption Waiver Form must be approved by the mayor before the business tax receipt will be released.

Religious organizations will not be required to pay the $50 application fee, but will receive a renewal for the business tax receipt each year. The renewal will need to be completed in full and returned to our office in order to receive a current business tax receipt for that year. All other tax exempt organizations will be required to pay the initial $50 application fee, and will also receive a yearly renewal for their business tax receipt. Complete the renewal in full and return it to our office in order to receive a current business tax receipt for that year.

Please note that any applications that are missing information will be returned, and no payments can be held.

Items Not Covered

The following are items that are not covered under tax exempt organizations or tax exempt religious organizations:

  • Any late fees or penalties for nonrenewal of business tax receipt
  • Hazardous permits (required by the Fire Department for various reasons)
  • Vending or coin operated machines

Home Business Tax Receipt Restrictions


Home businesses also require a City Business Tax Receipt, must follow the restrictions per City Code 12.08.00 for home occupations, and are restricted to certain types of businesses that do not create any additional traffic to a residential area.

In order to apply for a home business, you will need to complete the New Business Application, and the Home Business Tax Receipt Restrictions Formopens in a new window.

Once all forms have been completed, return them to our office:
City of New Port Richey
Attn: Business Tax Receipts
5919 Main Street
New Port Richey, FL 34652

The completed forms will need to be accompanied by copies of any Pasco County tax receipts, required state licenses, the $50.00 application fee, and a copy of the owner's or manager's driver's license.

Please note that any missing information will result in the return of all documents, as we cannot hold payments.

For Questions on the city process for starting a business please email the appropriate contact below:

Zoning Clearance Application – Lisa Algiere -

Business Tax Receipts – Melanie Tyler -

Fire Safety Inspections – Tina Anfuso -

  • For interior/exterior modifications, a building permit may be required. For permitting please contact Tammy Ledford at 727-853-1047, or Brittney Love at 727-853-1041.
  • A final building and fire inspection will need to be scheduled prior to receiving your BTR and opening your business. Please contact Melanie Tyler to assist in scheduling.

Completing the steps below will help you to get your business started in the City of New Port Richey:

Step One: Legal Structure

Decide what legal structure you would like to have for your business: sole proprietor, partnership, corporation (C or S), or limited liability company (LLC). Lawyers and doctors may form a professional association (PA). All related forms can be found on-line on the Florida Department of State Division of Corporations website.

Step Two: Business Name

If you choose to use a name other than your own or that of a corporation (if you choose to create one), you will need to register a Fictitious Name Registration (“Doing Business As”) with the Florida Department of State Division of Corporations. You may also trade mark the business name in the State of Florida, nationally, and/or internationally.

Step Three: Employer Identification Number

All businesses except sole proprietorship with no employees must register for a federal identification number. To learn more, contact the Internal Revenue Service at (850) 942-8995 or toll free at (800) 829-4933.

Step Four: Zoning and Other City Regulations

Before leasing or buying property where the business will operate, business owners must make sure that the business type is allowed under the City’s Zoning District Regulations. To learn more, contact the Development Department Planning and Zoning Division at (727) 853-1050. If you are locating your business into an existing building and are planning interior remodeling, be sure to check with the Building Division  at (727) 853-1047 about building permit requirements.

Step Five: State Licensing and Certificates

From barbers to real estate agents, there are more than 50 regulated professions that the State of Florida requires to obtain special licenses or certificates. To learn more, contact the Florida Department of Business and Professional Regulation at (850) 487-1395. Various businesses are licensed by the Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services, so also check with this agency if you are starting a business.

Step Six: Business Tax Receipts

Every business in the city needs to obtain a Business Tax Receipt regardless of how small and even if it is in your home. To learn more, contact the City of New Port Richey Business Tax Office at (727) 853-1061. Every business is also required to obtain a Pasco County Business Tax Receipt.

Other Information Important to Your Florida Business:

Sales Tax Certificates
The State of Florida requires retail stores and some other businesses to collect sales tax. Businesses must apply for a sales tax certificate. To learn more, contact the Florida Department of Revenue at (800) 352-3671.

Corporate Income Tax
Corporations in Florida must pay the State corporate income tax. For more information, contact the Florida Department of Revenue at 1-800-352-3671.

Tangible Personal Property Tax
Pasco County taxes the personal property of businesses (e.g., business equipment). To learn more, contact all the Pasco County Tax Collector at (727) 847-8151.

Federal Income Tax Withholding and Social Security Tax
Employers must withhold from salaries of their employees for federal tax purposes. They also must pay Social Security taxes. To learn more, contact the Internal Revenue Service at (850) 942-8995 or toll free at (800) 829-4933.

Federal Unemployment Tax
Most businesses with one or more employees must contribute to a federal fund that pays unemployment insurance to workers that have been laid off. To learn more, contact the Internal Revenue Service at (850) 942-8995 or toll free at (800) 829-4933.

State Reemployment Tax
Businesses must pay into a state fund that pays unemployment compensation. To learn more, contact the Florida Department of Revenue at (800) 352-3671.

Workers' Compensation
Companies with four or more employees must pay into a state fund that compensates workers who are injured on the job. In construction businesses, the rules that apply are stricter. For more information, contact the Florida Department of Financial Services Division of Workers' Compensation at (850) 413-1601.

New Employee Hire Reporting Requirements
Federal and State law requires employers to report all new/rehire employees who work in the State of Florida to whom the employer anticipates paying earnings. Employees should be reported even if they work only one day and are terminated. To learn more, visit the Florida New Hire Reporting Center or call the Florida Department of Revenue at (850) 656-3343.

City Applications:

New Business Welcome Letter

Zoning Clearance Application

Business Tax Receipt Applicaiton