Technology Solutions

Technology Solutions


Director of Technology and Innovations

Bryan Weed
Technology Solutions Director
Phone: (727) 853-1250

Technology Solutions


The Technology Solutions Department (TS) has the primary responsibility of providing computer, network, email, and internet services to users of the city's networks. TS is also responsible for handling the telephone system at the City Hall Complex, which includes Fire Station 1 and the Library. TS assists other departments with their telecommunications systems as well.

Other systems handled or overseen by TS include the audio visual system in Council Chambers, the cable broadcasting interfaces, specialized departmental software in use by the Fire, Police, and Recreation Departments and the city's website.

Additionally, TS takes the stance that if it plugs into our network or interfaces with our systems in some way, then we will attempt to support it.

Mission Statement 

TS commits to provide resource-saving and service-oriented solutions for the business operations of the City. TS achieves this with the architecture and implementation of leading-edge solutions which enable a secure infrastructure. TS is responsible for ensuring effective and efficient utilization of new and existing investments in technology.


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