Animal Control

Where can I find information on lost animals?
Pasco County handles all animal control concerns. Please visit their website at: Pasco County Animal Controlopens in a new window


Where do I go for a permit?
All permitting, plan review, and inspections are conducted from City Hall and any questions during any phase or prior to your project should be directed to the the following:
5919 Main St.
New Port Richey, FL 3465
Building Division – (727) 853-1047
General Inquiries – (727) 853-1041
If my plan review is not complete, may I begin work on my construction project?
The building official and Building Division will review early start requests on a case by case basis and prior authorization must be obtained through the Building Division by calling (727) 853-1047.
What is the City of New Port Richey's basic wind speed requirement?
The wind-borne debris region and basic wind speed map establishes the geographical boundary of the wind-borne debris region. The City of New Port Richey follows the guidelines outlined in the 2010 Florida Building Code.
When do I need a notice of commencement and where do I get one?
If the direct contract for a building permit is greater than $2,500, the applicant shall file with the issuing authority prior to the first inspection a certified copy of the recorded notice of commencement. This does not apply to a direct contract to repair or replace an existing heating or air-conditioning system in an amount less than $7,500 according to Florida Statute section 713.13.
Complete the Notice of Commencement form and record it with the:
Clerk of the Circuit Court
7530 Little Rd.
Suite 220
New Port Richey, FL 34652
What work can I do as an owner?
As the owner of a one or two family dwelling you my act as your own contractor and do the work yourself, provided that the home is for your own use and it is not for sale or lease. You must also be doing the work yourself or providing direct on-site supervision.
As the owner of a single family home, can I hire people to help me or must I use licensed contractors?
As the owner, you may hire laborers to help you in the construction. However, you must supervise any of the laborers you hire. At the time of permitting you will need to turn in a Homeowner Affidavit. You must also comply with Florida Statues with regard to workers compensation and federal taxes. You can enter into a contract for the different categories of work (electrical, plumbing, mechanical, etc.) as long as the person you hire is a licensed contractor in the respective category.
Can I call the city for an inspection if I feel there is something wrong with my building?
Please contact the Code Enforcement Department at (727) 841-4550 for further information.
Can I apply for a permit / inspection online?
At this time no permit may be applied for or inspection scheduled via the Internet. However, you may view scheduled inspection results with a PIN and permit number online.
How do I go about removing a tree?
Please note that City employees do not trim trees on private property. For tree removal on Private Property, you need to contact the Development Department to see if a permit is required. They can be reached at (727) 853-1039.

Code Enforcement

How do I report illegal dumping?
Any illegal dumping should be reported to Code Enforcement. They can be reached at (727) 841-4550.

Fire & Emergency Services

What is the Fire Department's response time?
The average response time to calls within the city limits is 4 minutes.
What can I legally burn and when can I burn it?
In an effort to reduce the risk of accidental fire, the City of New Port Richey, by ordinance, does not allow open burning of any kind. This includes all trash and yard debris.
Why does a fire truck show up when I call for an ambulance?
All Fire Department personnel are Emergency Medical Technicians, and most are Paramedics. Our trucks are dispatched to provide assessment and care prior to the arrival of a county rescue unit, and to provide extra assistance to the rescue crew while on scene and during transport if needed.

Human Resources

What is the process for applying for a job?
When a position is open it is listed on the Website and on the job hotline. On the website you can review the job requirements and apply for the job by filling out an application and submitting it. You may also send us a resume. We only collect applications for open positions or continuous Recruitment positions which will be listed on the website. All applications are collected and processed through Human Resources. Job applications are not collected by individual departments.
How soon will the job be filled?
Unless specified with a close date for accepting applications jobs are “open till filled.” This means that as we receive the applications we review the applications that meet minimum qualifications for the position. When we receive enough applications for a department to do an initial review we send applications to a department.
How do we keep in touch with applicants for positions?
For our small city this is particularly difficult because sometimes we receive dozens or hundreds of applications for a position. Those individuals who the department has interest in are usually initially phone interviewed and then asked to come in for face to face interview process. Individuals who are asked to participate in interviews are phoned to let them know if they received the position. Unfortunately at this time we do not have any electronic means for applicants to check on the status of their application.
What happens if I am given an employment offer?
If you are given an employment offer the terms of the offer are extended to you in writing for your signature and approval. All offers are contingent upon satisfactorily completing the background review specific to that job. That might include verifying state licenses, educational credentials, and other appropriate screening processes such as any drug tests or medical exams.
How can I volunteer to help the city?
By filing an on-line application through the website or in person at the HR office you can submit an application to volunteer and become a member of the City’s Community Volunteer Corps. Your application will then be discussed with the department(s) that you have expressed an interest in volunteering or who could use your skills. If there is an interest at the department level a phone call and or interview will be set up to meet you and discuss the assignment. Please remember that these are strictly volunteer positions with no salary and benefits and no tie in for any future employment.


What do I need in order to get a library card?
You need proof of ID with a photo and your current address, such as your driver’s license, to complete your registration and check out items. However, you may search for items and place holds when you begin your application process onlineopens in a new window.
May I use my own computer at the library?
The library provides free open Wi-Fi along with access to a number of personal computers and MacIntoshes.
How much is a membership to the New Port Richey Library?
A library membership is free and there is no cost to attend the majority of programs, classes, performances, and other special events.


How do I contact a city department?
Visit the Staff Directory to find all department and staff contact information.
Are the meetings broadcast on TV?
The City Council, Community Redevelopment Authority (CRA), and Land Development Review Board (LDRB) Meetings are broadcast live on Bright House Channel 615 and Verizon FiOS Channel 20. Meetings will be re-aired on Friday morning of the same week at 9:00 AM.
Please check the Calendar for dates and times of meetings, or contact the City Clerk at (727) 853-1024. Meeting and Events

Parks & Recreation

Do I need a membership to use the Recreation and Aquatic Center?
Anyone may use our facility; however, if you live outside city limits, the per-day charge may cost more. Please view the membership information and fees webpage for details.
Does the city have any dog parks?
There is a dog park in the meadows and other parks that are “dog-friendly.” For a complete list of city parks, view the parks and facilities webpage.
How do I reserve a place to have a meeting or party?
You may reserve meeting rooms or swimming pools for private use by filling out a Reservation Request Form and paying the designated charges. For more information, view the reservation information webpage.
Do I need a membership to take classes at the Recreation and Aquatic Center?
Classes are open to anyone and are separate from membership and daily fees. For a list of classes, please view the classes webpage.
When is the Recreation Center Office and Fitness Facility open?
The Recreation Center Office and Fitness Facility is open:
Monday – Friday
6:00 am – 8:00 pm

Saturday and Sunday
10:00 am – 5:00 pm
What facilities does the Recreation and Aquatics Center have?
In addition to classes, we have:
A fitness center
A game room
A Skate Park
Swimming pools
Tennis courts
Do you have special events, children's camps, swim lessons, or other activities?
We offer a variety of activities, both for adults and children, throughout the year. View the events webpage for more information.
What may I bring to the pool?
View the pool rules and regulations webpage for information.
How do I use the Skate Park?
A waiver must be signed in order to get a $5 day or $20 year pass regardless of age.

Planning & Zoning

What is zoning?
Zoning is the division of a city or county, by legislative regulations, into areas or districts. Within these, permitted uses, conditional uses or special exceptions are established, as are regulations governing lot size, buildling bulk, placement, and other development standards.
How do I obtain information about my property's zoning?
The official zoning map is located in the Planning & Zoning office. Once you have obtained the zoning designation for your property, you can look up the regulations in the Land Development Code, which can be accessed from this web site.
What is the difference between a residential zone and a commercial zone?
Residential zones are dominated by residences and their accessory structures, and may also be utilized by religious, cultural, and educational institutions. Commercial zones are intended for use by a variety of retail, office, food, and beverage establishments and service facilities. In both zoning types there are many uses which are subject to a set of standards.
What is a setback?
A setback is the required yard or the distance between the lot line and the line of a building (or building projection). The City regulates front setbacks (the distance between the front property line and the front of a building), rear setbacks (the distance between the rear property line and the back of a building), and side setbacks (the distance between the side property line and the side of a building). Setbacks vary by zoning district and by type of building or structure.
What is a variance?
A variance is permission to depart from the literal requirements of the Land Development Code. Relief from development standards such as setbacks, parking and height may be sought. The process includes addressing six hardship criteria as part of the application that is reviewed by the Land Development Review Board at a public hearing.
Can I operate a business from my house?
Certain business uses are permitted in a single-family dwelling unit, and are known as a home occupation. Home occupations are permitted by the Land Development Code under very specific guidelines. The principal intent of regulating home occupations is to ensure that the main use of a property is for dwelling purposes and does not impact the surrounding neighborhood. The business use must be clearly subordinate to the residential use. Any proposed home occupation use must receive prior approval from the City.
What is a nonconforming use?
A nonconforming use is a lawful land use existing at the time of the passage of the Land Development Code, or amendment thereto, which does not conform to the provisions, requirements and regulations of the Code.
What is a nonconforming structure?
A nonconforming structure is a structure that existed at the time of the passage of the Land Development Code, or amendment thereto, which does not conform to the provisions, requirements and regulations of the Code.
How do I annex my property into the City?
To annex property, it must be contiguous (adjacent) to the City’s boundary. The City will evaluate each request and determine if it is in the best interest of the City to proceed. The formal process requires submittal of a pre-annexation agreement, annexation petition, and land use plan amendment/rezoning application.

Police & Public Safety

Who do I contact regarding citations for a red light camera violation?
The Traffic Safety Program and any citations are handled by the Police Department. If you have further questions, please call (727) 232-8921 or click to the New Port Richey Police Department Websiteopens in a new window
Who can I contact to report a problem with a Traffic Signal?
Traffic Signals and their timing are handled by Traffic Control of Pasco County. (727) 847-8139 Pasco County Traffic Operationsopens in a new window

Public Records

Where can I find birth, death, or marriage records?
These records are kept at the County level, and are not part of the New Port Richey archives. You can find these records by performing a search on the Pasco County Clerk’s website.
Pasco County Clerk’s websiteopens in a new window.

Public Works

Who do I call to have my water turned on or shut off?
You will want to contact the Billing and Collections Department by calling (727) 853-1061 to have your utilities turned on or off.
Why am I not in the city limits when I have a New Port Richey address and I am connected to city utilities?
Although you may have city utilities, the City of New Port Richey is divided up by the business district and utility service area, so even though you may have a New Port Richey address you may not be within the city limits.
Can I get free mulch?
Absolutely! We have a mulch pile on Pine Hill Road where you may come and take as much mulch as you need. The Public Works Department will also deliver the mulch complimentarily to the West Pasco area by calling (727) 841-4536.
Does the City offer garbage pickup?
No, the City does not offer garbage pickup. You may look in the local Yellow Pages for waste collection services.
I have low water pressure. Help!
Do you have a water softener?
If yes, put it on bypass and if this relieves your low pressure, you will have to make a service call with a water softener company.
If no, give Public Works a call and we will create a work order to have someone come out and see what the issue might be.
I have a sewer backup, what am I to do?
First and Foremost, do you have a Cleanout? A cleanout is a white pipe that is in your yard with a cap on it.
If yes, call Public Works and we will create a work order to have someone come out and see what the issue might be.
If no, you will need to call a plumber.
I have a water leak, what am I to do?
If the water leak is in your house or anywhere from the water meter to your house, this issue is on your side and you may fix it however you would like.
If the water leak is from the meter to the street call the Public Works department to have someone go out and fix it.
Is Reclaimed Water available to me?
The City does offer Reclaimed Water in selected areas. You may call Public Works to see if it is available in your area.
What are the watering restrictions within the City of New Port Richey?
The City of New Port Richey follows the Watering Restrictions set forth by the Southwest Florida Water Management District. You may refer to their website for current watering restrictions. Southwest Florida Water Management Districtopens in a new window
I just trimmed my trees and want the debris picked up. What do I do?
If you place the tree branches and limbs, no longer than 5’, on the Right of Way, as close to the road a possible without blocking roadway or sidewalk, the City Crew’s are on a continuous rotation and will pick up the yard debris. Make sure it is not bagged or tied. Please keep in mind, this is a service only for residents and will not be picked up from any businesses.
Does the city have a landfill?
The city does not operate a landfill. Residents should contact the Pasco County Landfill on Hayes Road. (727) 856-0119
Pasco County Solid Waste & Resource Recoveryopens in a new window
Does the city perform Utility Locates?
The city performs Utility Locates for water and sewer services. However, all other utilities need to be contacted and a ticket needs to be created through Sunshine State One-Call for the protection of the Property Owner. You can request a Utility Locates by contacting Sunshine State One-Call at the link below. Know what’s below. Call before you dig!opens in a new window


How do I become a vendor?
To become a vendor, please complete the Vendor Registration Formopens in a new window. You may also pick up a form at City Hall located at:
5919 Main St.
New Port Richey, FL 34652
How do I submit a bid?
Bids are listed on the bid posting webpageopens in a new window and advertised as they become available. Anyone is welcome to submit a bid for those services they can provide by following the guidelines of that specific bid.

Utilities / Billing & Collections

How do I make a utility payment?
View the payment methods webpage for information
How do I set up utility service?
Complete the applicable forms listed online and return the forms to our office either by faxing them to (727) 853-1245 or coming into our office located at:
5919 Main St.
New Port Richey, FL 34652
How long does it take for a water meter to be installed?
After the tenant or resident has filled out all of the forms and paid any deposits at the Billing & Collections Office, there is a minimum of 3-5 Business days. The office may be reached at (727) 853-1061 from 7:30 AM – 5:00 PM, M-F. Please call the office to confirm hours of operation for that day.
How can I check on the status of my account?
You may check your account online through your email, if you have signed up for electronic billing, or by calling the Billing and Collections Department at (727) 853-1061.
How do I request a Title Search?
To request a Title Search, complete the Title Search Request Form and email it to titlesearch@cityofnewportrichey.org, or you can bring it in to the Billing & Collections Office at 5919 Main Street, New Port Richey FL, 34652. A Customer Service representative will contact you for payment of the required $50.00 fee, and when the fee is paid, your title search will be emailed back to you within 72 hours. Title Search Request Formopens in a new window.