Special Event Applications & Information

Special Event Applications & Information

Special Events

The City of New Port Richey has a long history of partnering with the community and various groups in sponsoring special events, parades, and festivals within the community.

In order to assist those groups wishing to hold an event, the Special Events Committee (S.E.T.) and city staff worked to together with event holders to ensure the event is run according to various regulations as well as safety standards. Below are applications and various informational items that event holder will need to properly prepare to submit with confidence. Once the application is submitted along with the appropriate application fee the City Event Coordinator will organize a meeting with the event holder(s) and the S.E.T. Committee. Everyone works toward completing all of the preparation needed to hold a successful event in a timely manner.

Special Event Applications and Forms

If you are planning to host an event within the City of New Port Richey that will offer alcohol of any kind, please download Forms 1 and 2. There is a $150.00 application fee for the event and $300.00 application fee for the alcohol application fee. All other associated costs are estimated through the S.E.T. process and issued prior to the event to the event holder in the form of a use agreement.

To help with the processing of your special event application please submit all applicable applications at least 45 days prior to the event, but no more than 12 months before the event. 

  1. City of New Port Richey Special Event Application (fillable PDF)
  2. City of New Port Richey Alcoholic Beverage Special Event Application (fillable PDF)

The City of New Port Richey strives to make events both enjoyable and safe for everyone.  Here are some guidelines and ordinances regarding special event safety within the city.  The city of New Port Richey aims to protect event holders along with guests and vendors with require safety inspections. These inspections are performed by the City of New Port Richey Fire Department and the Development Department, Building Division. Here are the associated fees for inspections and permits.opens in a new window

Events at Railroad Square

If you wish to utilize Railroad Square for an event, you need to fill out the Railroad Square Usage Requestopens in a new window form (fillable PDF) and submit to William Rader.opens in a new window

Events Requiring Road Closures

If you need to request a road closure due to a particular event or venue please fill out the Road Closure Request form (fillable PDF) and submit to William Rader.

Additional Special Event Information