Zoning and Development Review

Zoning and Development Review



The City’s zoning district regulationsopens in a new window are rules that determine how land may be used within the New Port Richey incorporated area based on a land use classification called zoning. A zoning districtopens in a new window is assigned to each parcel of land by the City Council, and the zoning district regulations specify allowed uses, maximum intensity and general layout of development, and required infrastructure such as vehicle parking spaces and landscaping.

Zoning Map

City zoning is maintained by the Development Department. To check current zoning information, call the development department. You will need to provide the parcel identification number or street address.

A note of caution: Zoning information obtained from other sources, such as the Pasco County Property Appraiseropens in a new window, may not reflect the most up-to-date zoning information and, therefore, should not be relied on for investment decisions or other important actions.


Rezoning is a process to change a property’s zoning district. A property owner may request to rezone their property to enable a use or development that is not allowed under the existing zoning district, if it is consistent with the underlying land use and meets concurrency requirements. When an ordinance authorizing the rezoning is approved by City Council, the rezoning remains valid even if there is a change in property ownership.

Generally, the rezoning process includes:

  • Pre-application meeting between the applicant and Development Department staff;
  • Application submittal by the City’s deadline;
  • Review of the proposal by Development staff for completeness and consistency with the Comprehensive Plan (including Future Land Use Map) and Land Development Code;
  • Review by the Development Review Committee;
  • Notification of surrounding property owners, including posting of the information on the property and in the newspaper;
  • Review of the proposal by the Land Development Review Board (Local Planning Agency) and recommendation to City Council;
  • Consideration and final decision on the proposal by City Council at two public hearings

The timeframe for a typical rezoning that does not involve a Future Land Use Map amendment is approximately three months, starting with the submission of a complete application to the Development Department through the second reading of the City ordinance authorizing the rezoning.

To learn more about the rezoning process and requirements, contact the Development Department at (727) 853-1042.

Development Review


Development review includes looking at how land is proposed to be used and developed, and comparing that with the Comprehensive Plan policies (including Future Land Use Map), zoning district regulationsopens in a new window and other provisions of the Land Development Code, and other applicable standards, regulations, and laws.

Development Department staff serves as the case managers for projects undergoing development review, and are responsible for distributing case information to the City’s Development Review Committee and other local and state agencies. Staff provides guidance to property owners, developers, design professionals, and other interested persons about the development review process and requirements, and reports their findings and recommendations on the case to City decision-making bodies.


A development review may require multiple procedures to accomplish the property owner’s desired use and development of a property, such as:


The City’s development review process is explained in the Applicant’s Guide to Development Review Process. (under development)


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