Victim Advocacy

Victim Advocacy

Victim Advocacy

The Victim Advocate (VA) serves as a liaison with other criminal justice agencies and institutions concerned with victim/witness needs. Responsibilities of the VA include:

  • Assisting families at hospitals, funerals and with legal and other benefit matters.
  • Assisting officers and detectives to provide assistance and information on cases.
  • Assisting victims in filing for compensation from the State Bureau of Crimes Compensation and Victim/Witness Services.
  • Training sworn and non-sworn personnel about the existence and function of the program at least once every two (2) years.
  • Ensuring that the victims/witnesses are advised of the status of their cases, including the arrests and release of suspects.
  • Assisting in the notification of family members when an employee is killed or seriously injured in the line-of-duty.
  • Maintaining long-term contact with the family to assist in any way.

The Victim Advocate can be reached Monday -- Friday (excluding holidays) 8 A.M. -- 4 P.M. by calling (727) 232-8948 or emailing

You can sign up to receive updates on a suspect’s incarceration status here:


Domestic & Sexual Violence Resources

  • Shelter Services
    • Salvation Army DV Shelter (West Pasco) – 727-856-5797
    • Sunrise Pasco DV Shelter (East Pasco) – 352-521-3120
  • Counseling Services
    • Sunrise Pasco (NPR) – 352-521-3120
  • 911 Phone
    • Call NPRPD Victim Advocate at 727-232-8948 to schedule a pickup
  • Injunction Assistance
    • Obtain an injunction from West Pasco Judicial Courthouse (7530 Little Rd, New Port Richey, FL 34654) under the “Civil” section
    • Attorneys for injunction cases may be available through Sunrise – 352-521-3120
  • Safety Planning
    • Plan for leaving and the issues that may come up
    • Collect your birth certificate, bank account #’s, mortgage/deeds, car title/registration, green card/visas, clothes, social security cards, driver’s license, insurance info, credit cards, court documents, keys, glasses, marriage license, rental agreements, jewelry, school/health records, medication, address book/photos
  • Bay Area Legal Services (Divorce)
    • Bay Area Legal Services – 813-232-1343. Domestic Violence victims may be eligible for free services
  • Victims Compensation
    • If you incur any medical bills as a result of any injuries from your abuser, you are eligible to apply for reimbursement. You can also apply for relocation assistance within 30 days of the incident should you be the victim of a DV assault, battery or a rape -$file/BVC100_VictimCompensationClaimForm.pdf

Resources for Minors

  • Shelter Services
    • RAP House (NPR) – 727-835-1777, 7522 Plathe Road, New Port Richey, FL, 34653
    • Serves youth 10 – 17 years old. Services include adoption services, child welfare case management, family help, runaway and homeless crisis shelters, substance abuse services
  • Counseling Services
    • Pasco Kids First – 727-845-8080 - provides trauma therapy, forensic interviews, medical assessments, and prevention services
  • PACE Center for Girls
    • For girls who may benefit from a more supportive academic environment. Speak with intake at 727-849-1901
    • Longer term (3+ months) and includes case management, career preparation and exploration, life skills, academic services and counseling services
  • For relatives raising a family members child
    • Kinship – 1-888-920-8761- Assists with food stamps, Medicaid, bus passes, support groups, family activities, legal services
  • Victims Compensation for medical bills
    • If you incur any medical bills as a result of any injuries from your abuser, you are eligible to apply for reimbursement

Next of Kin Resources

  • Grief Counseling Services (all listed below are free of cost)
    • HPH Hospice Bereavement Groups – support groups for grieving family members. Meeting times and locations located inside this envelope. Call 727-816-3647 for more information
    • If the deceased was a child, The Compassionate Friends of Pasco County offers in person and online support groups to siblings, parents, and grandparents of the deceased. For more information please call Cathy Tull at 813-273-8721
    • If deceased died by suicide, Healing After Loved Ones Suicide offers support groups the first and third Wednesday of the month. Contact is Janice Paton at 813-990-0216
  • Funerals, Crematorium, Crime Scene Clean up Contacts
    • Contact information for several funeral homes and crime scene cleaning services are available inside this envelope
    • Indigent burials are handled by Michels and Lundquist Funeral Home. Their number is 727-845-1957
  • Death Certificates
    • Death certificates can be ordered through the funeral home, the state in which the person died, online at or by calling VitalCheck at 1-877-550-7330
    • Death certificates are needed for accessing pension benefits, claiming life insurance, selling estates, getting married (to prove that your previous partner has passed), arranging a funeral, etc
  • Victims Compensation for Funerals
    • If the deceased has passed as a result of a crime, you may be eligible to apply for compensation for funeral expenses -$file/BVC100_VictimCompensationClaimForm.pdf
  • VINE

Senior Resources

  • Area Agency on Aging
    • (1-800-963-5337) can assist with many services including:
      • Free and affordable meals for seniors
      • Senior community centers for outings, activities
      • Mental health counseling (call 727-217-8111 for referral)
      • Referrals for long term personal care and case management
      • Support for individuals diagnosed with dementia
      • Victim advocacy for senior victims of abuse, fraud, neglect, etc. (727-570-9696 ext./259)
  • Adult Protective Services
    • If you fear a vulnerable adult is being abused, neglected, exploited or self-neglected, you can report it to Adult Protective Services 1-800-962-2873. If a report is accepted, they will conduct an on-site investigation to evaluate needs and immediate risks.
  • Meals on Wheels
    • (727) 834-3340. Delivers weekly meals to seniors over 60.
  • Transportation
    • Persons 65 and older are eligible for a reduced fare at Go Pasco, county
    • Persons 65 and older are eligible for a reduced fare at Go Pasco, county public transportation
    • Call your insurance to arrange transportation to medical appointments
  • Veterans
    • Pasco County Vet Center – (727) 372-1854. Provide counseling referrals among other assistance
    • Veterans and their families can call 1-877-424-3838 to access VA services

Identity Theft & Fraud Resources

  • File a complaint with the Internet Crime Complaint Center
    • Go to and file a complaint
  • Notify the Office of the Inspector General if your SSN was used
    • Call 1-800-269-0271 from 10am to 4pm EST and fill out the Fraud Reporting Form online
  • Check your credit reports
    • You are entitled to one free credit report a year
    • You can place a freeze on your reports to prevent ID theft
    • Place a fraud alert on your credit report to provide more protection
  • Notify affected creditors or banks
    • The Fair Credit Billing Act specifies that your maximum liability for unauthorized charges is $50
    • Must act fast – there are strict time limits for reporting on ATM or debit cards and electronic transfers
  • Consider using a credit card over a debit card – credit cards offer more protection to ID theft victims
  • Change all account passwords
    • Use different passwords for all accounts
    • Make passwords at least 12 characters long, include numbers, capital letters and symbols