Additional Information

Additional Information


We have 17 highly trained employees that staff the plant 24 hours a day seven days a week. All operators are tested and certified by the Florida Department of Environmental Protectionopens in a new window. Our staff has more responsibility than what would normally be expected at other medium sized utilities. Very little of what we do is contracted out. We have a NELACopens in a new window certified laboratory, the entire 15 acre site is maintained by staff, including the buildings and grounds. We have a full time truck driver that transports about 6 million gallons of sludge to the county every year.

We also have a fully equipped work shop that allows us to make most equipment repairs in-house. Performing work in-house allows for quick turn around, gives us more control over costs, and provides for a higher level of service. Staff always takes the initiative to make small equipment upgrades or modifications that will improve process reliability and plant performance.

Additional Income

The city receives flow from four other entities located outside of New Port Richey. This arrangement has been instrumental in protecting the environment from a regional perspective and is an example of the kind of regional cooperation that is essential for efficient wastewater treatment and disposal. All involved benefit, such as the outside utilities that send flow to us do not have to invest in capital for treatment facilities and the revenue generated, about $1.2 million per year, aids in keeping user rates as low as possible.