Solid Waste

Solid Waste


The public hearing that was scheduled for Thursday, September 14, 2023 at 6PM in the Council Chambers regarding the adoption of a non-ad valorem assessment roll for assessments levied by the City of New Port Richey, Florida as set forth in Section 197.3632, F.S. has been cancelled. City Council voted to not move forward with the assessment. City Council did vote in favor of moving forward with the single waste hauler, Waste Pro d/b/a JD Parker & Sons which will be effective as of January 1, 2024. Billing for that service has yet to be determined. For more information, please call Public Works at (727) 841-4536.


The subject of solid waste pick-up and hauling has been under study by the City for several years now.  The purpose of the study was to determine the best methodology by which to achieve improved performance standards on the part of the waste collection companies, an economy of scale in respect to fees for service, and reduced wear and tear on the city’s streets and alleys. Additionally, it is relevant to recognize the amount of noise that is generated because of a potential of six different waste hauling companies traveling down your street to collect trash two times per week.  This is a form of nuisance to those who work from home, have young children at home, are retired, or are at home for any other reason during the day.  The other factor that was considered related to health.  Quite simply stated, heavy diesel trucks pollute the air that we breathe. Therefore, if fewer trucks and/or more efficient routes were employed it would influence the air we breathe.


After much consideration it has been determined that the City will be implementing a single-hauler waste collection system effective on January 1, 2024. A single-hauler trash system is a waste collection system where the city contracts with one vendor to provide waste and recycling services to all properties within the city limits. There are many benefits to this type of waste collection system, which is why many municipalities have switched to single-hauler services. Some of the benefits of this system include that it improves service and reduces costs, in addition to reducing the impacts of heavy trucks on local roads.


To prepare for a launch of the single-hauler system concurrent with the new year a “Request for Proposals” was released earlier this year.  In that regard, it is my pleasure to announce that Waste Pro of Florida, Inc. dba J.D. Parker & Sons has submitted the low bid for service to the city.  J.D. Parker & Sons has a history spanning over 75 years of service in the city and is a well-respected company. The business has grown over the years because of hard work, exceptional customer service and great business ethics.  Today, the New Port Richey location of J.D. Parker & Sons is the Regional Operational Center for Waste Pro.  Waste Pro is one of the largest privately-owned waste collection, recycling, and disposal companies.


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