Transfers & Name Changes

Transfers & Name Changes

Transfer & Name Changes

Name Change

License name changes, if not done at the time of renewal and when there is no owner change, are $10 per business tax receipt (BTR) and an updated Pasco County Tax Receipt with the new name will be required. If the business is a DBA, a new Fictitious Name Certificate will also be required before the name change can take place.

Transfer of Existing Tax Receipt

In order to transfer an existing BTR to another location or to a new owner within the incorporated city limits, the existing BTR must be brought current for the existing year. A new application fee of $50 plus 10% of the current yearly fee will be charged. The previous BTR must be surrendered at the time of the transfer or the application fee will be charged as well as the full price of the tax receipt.

If you have any questions, please contact the Billing and Collections Department at (727) 853-1248.