Fire Inspection Division

Fire Inspection Division

Fire Inspection and Prevention

This division is responsible for the inspection of all businesses located within the City limits, and to ensure public safety during any event held in the City. Presently, the Assistant Fire Chief also serves as the City’s Fire Marshal, as this position is currently unfunded in the City’s budget.

Fire Code compliance falls under the jurisdiction of the Fire Marshal. The City has adopted the Florida Fire Prevention Code inclusive of the NFPA Codes (National Fire Protection Association). The Assistant Fire Chief/Fire Marshal is tasked with overseeing compliance with these codes.

This division also coordinates all inspection activities that are performed by each shift. The Fire Marshal is a state certified Firefighter, as well as a state certified Fire Safety Inspector. In addition to inspection duties, plan reviews and related activities, the Fire Marshal oversees the investigation of structure fires and any other “suspicious” fire, working with the State Fire Marshal’s Office when necessary.

Activities of this division in 2019 were:

  • Approximately 2,067 fire safety inspections were conducted
  • 66 Business Tax Receipt Inspections
  • 88 Plan Reviews
  • 53 Facilities Inspections (hospitals, nursing homes, schools, day care, foster care) as required by the State of Florida


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