FAQ’s (Library)

FAQ’s (Library)

Frequently Asked Questions


How do I get my NPR Public Library card?

Members 18 years and over need to provide a photo ID and proof of current address, if it is not on the photo ID. You may bring a recent piece of mail with your name and current address on it. If you do not have proof of address, please see a library staff member for accepted alternatives, or call 727-853-1279
Members under 18 must have a parent or legal guardian present to accept legal responsibility for full access cards. The responsible parent or legal guardian must either already have a NPR Public Library card or obtain one. If a parent or legal guardian is not present, members under 18 may obtain a limited access card if they have a photo ID and proof of address. A school ID or report card can be used as proof of address.

How much does a library card cost?

All Pasco County residents, along with those who pay property taxes to the city of New Port Richey, local government employees, and members of libraries who have a reciprocal borrowing agreement with your NPR Public Library may be issued a card at no charge.

May I use my Pasco County library card at the NPR Public Library?

Your NPR Public Library is an independent library and issues its own library card to you. However, we honor your county card for the issuance of one of ours. You may also request that your NPR Library add its barcode to your existing library card in lieu of carrying an additional card in your wallet.

Is there a limit to the number of items I can borrow?

You may check out up to five DVDs at a time, up to two video games at a time, and one mobile hotspot at a time. There are no other item limits.

How long may I keep an item?

You may keep DVDs, video games, mobile hotspots and New Books for two weeks (14 days). You may keep all other items for four weeks (28 days).

May I renew an item?

New books, Launchpads, mobile hotspots and DVDs/Blu-Rays may be renewed one time. Artwork is non-renewable. All other materials may be renewed twice. Items will not be renewed if someone else has requested them. You may renew items by calling the library at (727) 853-1279, emailing nprlibrary@nprlibrary.org or logging into your accountopens in a new window. The library will attempt to automatically renew all items not renewed or returned by the due date and send notification of the attempt.

How may I request an item that is currently checked out?

You may request that an item be held for you. Place a hold request in person at the Member Support desk, over the phone (727) 853-1279 or by logging into your accountopens in a new window. Your NPR Public Library staff will contact you when the item is available.  We then hold it at the Member Support desk for seven days.

May someone else pick up an item for me?

Anyone who is listed as an authorized user on your account may pick up items for you. In order to add an authorized user to your account, please speak with a library staff member.

What if I return an item late, damage an item or lose an item?

When you receive your NPR Public Library card, you take responsibility for the materials that we share. You also agree to pay any charges due to late, irreparably damaged or lost materials. Mobile hotspot, artwork, Launchpads DVDs, video games, mobile hotspots and Interlibrary Loan (ILL) materials are assessed a late charge of $1 per day. All other items are assessed a late charge of $0.25 per day. The maximum late charge for any items is $5. Children's and YA materials do not accrue late charges.
Members are also assessed a replacement charge for lost, stolen or irreparably damaged items.

What should I do if I lose my library card?

Please notify the library immediately. Until you have alerted us that the card is lost, you are responsible for the materials borrowed with your NPR Public Library card. Replacement cards cost $1. As an alternative, you may check out library materials without your library card; just show your valid government-issued photo ID.

May I return items borrowed from a Pasco County library to the NPR Public Library, and vice versa?

Yes, your NPR Public Library has an agreement with the Pasco County libraries. Return items borrowed from your NPR Public Library to any Pasco County library, and they will send the items to us by courier. Please allow 2-3 weeks for receipt of the item. Note: the items will remain checked out on your account until we receive them. Once we receive your items, we check them in using the "date received" by the Pasco County library.
Return Pasco County library items to your NPR Public Library, and we will send the items by courier to their home library and include a slip with your return date. Allow 2-3 weeks for receipt of the item by the Pasco County library.
The only items that cannot be returned to other Pasco County libraries are items that your NPR Public Library has obtained for you via an inter-library loan (ILL) from other libraries, including ILL items from the Pasco County system. All ILL items must be returned to the NPR Public Library.

Can I use my NPR Public Library card to access the internet?

Yes, internet access is available to the community through public computers. NPR Library card owners receive two free hour of internet access daily. You may request extra time if a computer is available. If you do not have an NPR Library card or your own Wi-Fi compatible device, you may use a stand-up guest computer for 15 minutes or request a 1-hour guest pass. Your NPR Library also provides free Wi-Fi service both inside and outside on library grounds. Laptops are also available to borrow for use inside the library.

How do I log in to a public computer?

Enter your user ID (found on the back of your NPR Public Library card) and your PIN number (the password you set up for your membership account).  You may also freely access Wi-Fi by connecting to NPRlibrary-public.

May I let a family member use my library card to get on the computer?

Only you are authorized to use your library card to access the public computers. Each individual must have their own library card to access the computers. Unauthorized use will result in a block placed upon the library card.

Does my NPR Public Library have computer classes?

The library offers computer classes at various times. Please contact us to determine if classes are currently being offered.

How much does it cost to...

Print from the computer
Make copies
Send/receive a fax
Buy a flash drive


$0.15/pg for black and white, $0.25/page for color
$0.15/pg for black and white, $0.25/page for color
$10 plus tax
No charge to a USB, email address or cloud storage, like Google or Dropbox

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