Public Art Program

Public Art Program


Recognizing that public art brings lasting value of the cityscape, but will be of intrinsic value to their developments.  Owners and developers of new commercial development in New Port Richey are encouraged to invest in public art on their sites,  Further, the City, desiring to expand public experience and exposure to culture through various art forms and to enhance the appearance of public facilities and improve the environment of the City on behalf of its citizens, intends to provide for the incorporation of visual art in the design and construction of public facilities within the City.

Public Art Fund

The Public Art Fund was established to enhance the aesthetic environment and to encourage commercial property owners/developers to commission art or donate to the Public Art Fund in conjunction with new development projects.

The Public Art Fund is a separate City account earmarked for the purchase of art for display in public places. The City will budget, appropriate and deposit to the public art fund:

  1. A sum equal to the lesser of 0.5 percent of the construction cost of each municipal building project as bid or $100,000 per project. The City Council may increase the expenditure for projects of exceptional size or unique function up to a maximum of 0.5 percent of the project cost;
  2. All funds donated to the City for the purchase of works of art shall be deposited to the Public Art Fund;
  3. Any other sums that may be budgeted and appropriated by City Council, in their discretion, for deposit to the Public Art Fund;
  4. All sums paid by the owners of commercial structures constructed and installed.
  5. Monies on deposit in the public art fund shall be used solely to pay the cost of selection, commissioning, acquisition, installation, maintenance, administration and insurance of works of art installed in public places. Monies derived from a municipal building project may be utilized for the installation of works of art on the project site or on such other City owned property as the City Council may designate.

The Cultural Affairs Committee shall recommend to the City Council the amount of monies to be allocated for selection, commissioning, acquisition, and installation of individual works of art to be incorporated as a part of the municipal construction project for which the monies were appropriated.

Commercial Construction Participation

Any private developer or owner who applies for a building permit to construct a commercial structure or reconstruct, renovate, or repair a commercial structure so that the size of the structure is increased by 50% or greater, shall be informed about the Public Art Program, Public Art Fund, and desired location of public art. Works of art should be located in an exterior place that is readily visible from adjacent public streets and sidewalks.

In lieu of public art installations on the project site, the developer may contribute to the City's Public Art Fund up to but not limited $100,000. The works of art should be installed, or the contribution to the public art fund should be paid, pro-rata as the respective phases of the commercial construction project are completed.

The Building Official will notify the Cultural Affairs Committee of each commercial construction building permit and the Cultural Affairs Committee shall contact the permit applicant to advise it of the existence of the City's public art program and public art fund and shall encourage the permitee to either install works of art or to make a contribution to the public art fund.

Ownership and Maintenance

Art purchased through the Public Art Fund shall become the property of the City. As a part of any contractual agreement with the City for the provision of a work of art, artists will be required to provide a Maintenance and Inventory Sheet to the Cultural Affairs Committee that describes the maintenance needs of the artwork as well as the projected annual cost of maintenance and ongoing care.

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