Planning & Zoning

Planning & Zoning

Planning Division


Planning helps guide community growth and development to enhance quality of life, protect the natural environment, ensure the continued availability of essential public services, promote stable neighborhoods and vibrant business centers, and involve citizens and other stakeholders in decisions that affect them.

“Early and Often” – If you are thinking of bringing a new development project to New Port Richey that might require zoning approvals, Planning strongly encourages you to meet with us “Early and Often,” preferably before any project design work has begun. Whether you are the developer, land planner, or the property owner, Planning will arrange a meeting with members of various City departments to discuss your potential project and conceptual site plan early in the design process.

Pre-application assistance allows for early feedback on how conceptual site plans relate to the Comprehensive Plan and development regulations, and identification of potential issues, such as the availability of utilities, street connections and other infrastructure, and additional information that may affect a proposal.

Working with your design team allows the City to guide you toward a successful application that best represents the vision of the City of New Port Richey, and helps ensure for a smoother approval process for you.

Planning is also available to provide information to residents, landowners, developers, and real estate professionals on zoning requirements applicable to their properties.

What We Do

Core responsibilities and functions of the Development Department Planning Division include:

Long-Range Planning

  • Growth management, redevelopment and special area plans
  • Professional support for land use, development, and urban design policy
  • Transportation planning
  • Participation in regional planning initiatives
  • Public engagement for local planning initiatives

Zoning and Development Review

  • Development proposal compliance with the Comprehensive Plan and applicable codes and laws
  • Liaison to the City’s Development Review Committee and Land Development Review Board
  • Consultation with property owners and developers to achieve high-quality, consistent design of buildings, sites, and infrastructure
  • Consultation with prospective new businesses