Child Watch & Indoor Playground

Child Watch & Indoor Playground

Child Watch:

The City of New Port Richey Recreation and Aquatic Center now has an amazing indoor play area for children from 6 months to 8 years of age! If you are an annual member, child watch for two hours daily is included in your membership at no extra charge. Monthly members will pay a small monthly fee per month for child watch and daily members will pay per visit per child for the service.

You can leave your children in a safe, secure and adult tended play area for up to two hours while you enjoy your workout, swim laps, take a class or just enjoy a little time to yourself by the pool. We will give you a pager to keep with you so you can be contacted should your child need to contact you. Parents of children in child watch may not leave the Recreation and Aquatic Center.

The play area has a 28 foot climbing and exploring structure, state of the art projection games, resting cots for the youngest visitors, arts, crafts and board games to keep your children entertained.

Please review our child watch policies.

Indoor Playground

1 large dark blue swirling slide, 2 smaller blue slides next to each other, all connected to a large jungle gym within a room.

a young boy wearing a multi colored stripped shirt, smiling while reaching the end of a large blue slide.