Employee Benefits

Employee Benefits

Employee Benefits


Health & Wellness:

Health Insurance

Eligibility is the first of the month following thirty (30) days of continuous employment

Employee Assistance Program to assist in resolving personal and family issues through counseling (up to six (6) visits free)

Optional Dental Insurance

The city offers optional group plan coverage and rates for dental insurance (premiums paid through payroll deduction)

Life Insurance

$10,000 Life Insurance (standard for all full-time employees) paid by the city

Option to purchase additional Life Insurance (premiums paid through payroll deduction)

Other optional benefit programs available at employee cost (premiums paid through payroll deduction)

Paid Time Off 

Holidays/Floating Holidays/Personal Leave

Full-time permanent employees receive ten (10) paid holidays per year

Full-time permanent employees will be granted four (4) additional floating holidays on their annual anniversary date

Full-time permanent employees will be granted Personal Leave on their annual anniversary date as follows:

1-5 years of continuous service = 8 hours

5th year and thereafter = 16 hours (total)

Personal Leave shall not be accrued. Personal Leave must be used in the anniversary year in which earned or the hours will remain as credited sick leave hours. Personal Leave hours will be subtracted from annual sick leave. In the event an employee does not have credited sick leave hours, he shall not be eligible for Personal Leave until sufficient sick hours are accrued.

Sick Leave

Medical leave will be earned as follows:

40 hour work week employee: 96 working hours per year

56 hour work week employee: 144 working hours per year (each work day 24 hours)


Each permanent full-time employee will be allowed annual leave with pay.

Paid annual leave may not be taken during the first six months of employment or re-employment, unless approved by the City Manager.

Annual leave will be accrued on a monthly basis and earned as follows:

40 hour work week employee:

Up to 5 years: 12 days per year

5-6 years: 13 days per year

6-7 years: 14.1 days per year

7-8 years: 15 days per year

8-9 years: 16 days per year

10-11 years: 17.1 days per year

10-11 years: 18 days per year

56 hour work week employee:

Up to 5 years: 6 shifts per year

5-6 years: 7 shifts per year

6-7 years: 8 shifts per year

10-11 years: 9 shifts per year

The City of New Port Richey also provides the following benefit programs: 

VALIC 457 Deferred Compensation Plan

Empower (formerly Great-West) 457 Deferred Compensation Plan

Family Medical Leave

Jury Duty Leave

Bereavement Leave

Military Leave in accordance with Chapter 115 of Florida Statutes


Worker’s Compensation

Direct Deposit

Credit Union through Florida Central and Grow Financial

Conference and Educational Leave

The City Manager may grant leave with pay, together with the necessary travel expenses, in order that employees may attend conferences and schools designed to improve their work performance.


Non-Union permanent employees - Carrier: Florida Retirement System, 100% vested after eight (8) years of continues service.

Firefighters: Firefighters Pension

Police Officers: Police Pension