Redevelopment Division

Redevelopment Division

Are you a homeowner dreaming of improvements for your home?

The City of New Port Richey is here to help with the Home Improvement Reimbursement Grant (HIRG) Program!

The HIRG can help homeowners repair and improve their home’s exterior.  Repairs may be coupled with beautification elements, such as landscaping, which enhance the home’s “curb appeal” and have a positive impact on the attractiveness and  marketability of homes and neighborhoods.  If the homeowner follows all rules and procedures, the funds will not need to be repaid to the City.

The HIRG Program promotes “street friendly” housing by encouraging homeowners to include porches, windows, and doors oriented to the street and parking to the side or rear of the home.  The program promotes a sense of community by encouraging residents to spend time in their yard and on their front porch.

Are you apprehensive about design?  Staff is here to help you make decisions when choosing colors, materials, architectural enhancements, and landscaping.


Grant Applications and Program Details:  

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Income Limits and Eligible Improvements:  

Household Income Limits

Your total household income must not exceed 80% of Pasco County Area Median Income (AMI), as established annually by the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development.  

Number of Persons in Household
    1      2      3     4 5 6 7

2016 Income
$33,150 $37,900 $42,650 $47,350 $51,150 $54,950 $58,750



Eligible Improvements
(Updated Feb 1, 2017)

·          Driveways
·          Roof repair or replacement 
·          Fascia & Soffit work 
·          Gutters 
·          Facade Work
·          Paint (exterior only)
·          Exterior Doors (front of house only)
·          Shutters & Awnings (front of house only)
·          Windows (front of house only) 
·          Porch (front of house only)
·          Fence (front yard only)
·          Landscaping (front yard only)
·          Lawn Irrigation 
·          Outdoor Lighting (front of house only)


Grantee Testimonials:  

I think this grant program is great and a valuable tool for people who want to improve their property.  I hope more people take advantage so we can continue to beautify our city.  Thanks again! – Ryan R.  

We just received the reimbursement check in the mail today and wanted to thank you so very much. Your efforts went above and beyond.  We are so proud of our new driveway and very grateful to you and to this wonderful program!   
-Dean C. 


Thank you so very much for all your help and effort to make this an easy transaction, and all the help the city has contributed financially to make my home a more appealing place to live.  I am happy and proud to live here in New Port Richey, Florida!   -Dave P. 


I think it’s a wonderful program to help people improve the looks of our neighborhoods. It was great working with you to get us a grant. All my neighbors love the new driveway!!  – Rosemary W. 


The process works very well and is easy to understand.  It is a great benefit to the community and to those who need financial help to improve their homes.  -Carl J.


Before and After Photos:

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