Online Bill Pay

Online Bill Pay

The City Of New Port Richey has moved to a new billing system!

Our online bill pay URL has changed please use this new URL to access the new online portal:

If you have not already registered your account please follow the steps below to complete the online registration process. 

Please complete your online account registration! Steps to complete this process are contained in this document . If you need additional assistance please call the Billing and Collection department at 727-853-1061

The steps below include example information for setting up your account. Please only use information that pertains to your account.
1. Select Register

2. Following the example below, fill out the required fields and click save

3. Now that you have created your profile select link to account to

4. Enter your account # and Customer Id which can be found on your bill and click on Submit

Note: If your account number is not 5 digits be sure to add Preceding zeros. For Example If your account number is 1234 make it 01234

5. Click on account number to get access to Account Summary

6. Under the Your Current Balance Section, Select “Pay Now”

7. To pay your bill click on add to Cart. Your item will be added to cart, click on Checkout

8. The next page gives you the option to set up your account for Automatic credit card payments. Click on Enroll to enroll or continue to move on to the payment screen.

9. Click on Continue to pay your bill

10. Select your Payment Method and filling the required fields and click on Make Payment

Payment Confirmation