The 2022-2023 Community Redevelopment to Update the CRA Master Plan

Community Visioning.

The overriding commonality that comes from community visioning is the intense desire for places and spaces to generate positive feelings.  Places that are healthy and sustainable for living, working, playing, and retiring also include nature, and a sense of community.  We promote walkability, easy mobility connections within a reasonable 10-to-15-minute walking time or even a 2 mile bike ride.  Be a part of a greater vision to make the community positive, livable, safe, and affordable. When we have an area that that has a negative impact, we want to change it for the better.  We can visually see and feel the difference when blighted areas are improved and made welcoming and family friendly.  You can turn to New Port Richey and feel the transformation.  We plan to continue our efforts as part of our updated CRA Master Plan.

Interactive Map:  Click here to add your comments on the interactive map.

Additional resources and information can be found in the roadmap .

We value your input and are bringing you additional ways to be a part of the visioning process.  This is a great opportunity to tell us what you like about the city, what you want to see changed, and your great ideas for the future.  Make your voice heard and be a part of the plan for the future of New Port Richey.  


CRA Plan Update Background

The City of New Port Richey Community Redevelopment Agency has grown the thriving business community in the City of New Port Richey. We are looking toward the future and will host focus groups, public workshops, and public hearings with an updated plan anticipated by March of 2023.

In May of 2022, the City of New Port Richey Community Redevelopment Agency (CRA) issued a Request for Proposals (RFP) seeking a qualified firm to prepare a Community Redevelopment Plan Update. Several firms submitted proposals, and after evaluation and firm presentations, the CRA and City selected Stantec Consulting, Inc.

Once completed the Plan Update will help guide future CRA initiatives and investments, be used as a tool in promoting economic development, and will work in collaboration with the City to maximize public investment to positively impact New Port Richey.

It is the intent of the CRA to complete the Plan Update in March 2023.

CRA Plan Update

A CRA Plan or Plan Update combines both a community vision plan and implementation plan in one working document.  Those that are most successful are ones developed with meaningful public involvement and reflect the specific needs and diversity of each community, and the neighborhoods within its CRA.

In prior years, the CRA and City have updated the CRA Plan and completed other planning studies that will be used as the basis for the current Plan Update.  These will be expanded through a public involvement process to identify additional areas of redevelopment emphasis, changes to current areas of redevelopment emphasis, and those that may have been completed.

Based on these previous Plans, the redevelopment priorities will continue to include downtown, the US Highway 10 corridor, and various catalyst sites within the City.  It is also the intent of this Plan Update to identify any other unmet needs within the City and expand investment within residential neighborhoods.

In addition to being a tool for the CRA and City, CRA Plans must also comply with specific requirements included in the Community Redevelopment Act of 1969, Chapter 163, Pa rt III, Florida Statutes.

There will be several specific tasks included within this process:


·         Document Review / Assessment

·         Public Engagement

·         Evaluation of the CRA Boundary

·         Development or Refinement of the CRA Vision, Goals, Objectives, and Policies

·         Development of a Five-Year Capital Budget & Funding Mechanisms

·         Review and Update Grant Programs

·         Review and Update Economic Development Incentives

·         Finalize the Plan Update

Public Workshops

There are two evening public workshops anticipated during the Plan Update tentatively scheduled for:

·         Wednesday, December 7th, 2022

5:30 PM until 6:30 PM in the River Room at the New Port Richey Public Library,

5939* Main Street, New Port Richey, FL 34652

·         Wednesday, January 11th

5:30 PM until 6:30 PM in the River Room at the New Port Richey Public Library,

5939* Main Street, New Port Richey, FL 34652

Public Notice

11.10.2022 Public Notice CRA UPDATE Master Plan Community Meeting

Additional Information

This page will be updated as the Plan Update process continues.

For questions or other input, please feel free to contact:

·         Barbara Carr, Director of Economic Development, City of New Port Richey:

·         Jared Beck, Project Manager, Stantec Consulting, Inc.:


CRA Plan Focus Group












Your Official Downtown New Port Richey Site: The best place to live, work, and play in Tampa Bay! (

Welcome to the City of New Port Richey’s Interactive Business Directory! Business owners can update their information with hours of operations, specials, and add photos. We welcome the public to utilize the interactive map to find the business that can best serve your needs, right here in New Port Richey. We have made it convenient for you to find just what you are looking for and we love when you shop local.


Upcoming GHS Construction Community Mtg: Tue, 2/22, 6pm @GHS Cafeteria


Gulf High School Construction Coming Soon. Learn more about it at the community meeting, Tues, Feb 22, 6 pm at the GHS Cafeteria.

Pasco County Schools invites the public to a community meeting held on Tuesday, February 22, 6 pm at the GHS cafeteria. The purpose of the meeting is for Pasco County Schools to present the plans for the redevelopment of the Gulf High School campus in New Port Richey, and its construction schedule. There will also be an opportunity for the public to ask the Pasco County Schools questions regarding these GHS redevelopment plans.

Permanent Extended Hours for the New City Parking Structure


The new Parking Structure on the corner of US Highway 19 and Main Street behind the new Keiser University will have new hours.

Effective immediately, this garage will be OPEN DAILY from 7:30 a.m. to midnight in hopes for better convenience for Keiser students, and everyone visiting Downtown during peak times where parking will be more available. As always, you can go to the Downtown New Port Richey website for more parking details (plus electric vehicle charging station info): .

A shuttle system will be running soon in early 2021 and we will post hours of the shuttle when details are determined and finalized.


Applications, Forms & Schedules

Applications, Forms & Schedules


Authorized Agent Affidavit Complete this form if you are the Contractor and wish to designate a person to represent you during the permit process. The authorized agent will have the authority to sign contracts, permits, permit applications, monitoring results and other documents in the property owners’ and otherwise bind the property owner.
Building Permit Application A building permit certifies that proposed work on a building or structure is in conformity with the City Code. See Chapter 6, Buildings and Building Regulations.
Betterment Plan Checklist Use this checklist in conjunction with the Tree Removal Permit Application.
Certificate of Occupancy Checklist This checklist provides the information that is required to be submitted or completed, before the City will issue a Certificate of Occupancy for a structure.
Drawing Board Print this on 11 x 17 paper and use to draw a site plan to a 1:20 Engineer’s scale.  Each box represents 20 feet.
Fees Use this to determine the fee for each application.  Building permit fees are paid when picking up an approved permit, not when submitting an application.
Flood Zone Construction Application This application is used to certify, together with plans and specifications, that the construction within a flood zone to be accomplished under the permit See City Code Section 8.05.00, Provisions for Flood Hazard Reduction.
Notice of Commencement (Pasco County) Gives notice to the Pasco County Clerk that improvements will be made to certain real property, and in accordance with Section 713.13, Florida Statutes.
Owner-Builder Disclosure Statement Before a building permit can be issued to an owner-builder, this disclosure statement must be completed, notarized, and returned to the Building Services Division.
Permit Revision/ Resubmittal Request This application must accompany a revised permit application submittal.
Pre-Power/ Service Request Use this application for authorization for temporary connection of electrical service for limited construction purposes.
Product Approval Submittal Sheet Use this application to provide proposed product and construction methods information for City evaluation relative to applicable building codes.

Request for Inspection
Use this application to request required inspections during construction and after completion to ensure compliance with applicable building codes.
Residential Swimming Pool and Spa/Hot Tub Safety Requirements Complete this form is you are building new swimming pool, spa, or hot tub to affirm compliance with the requirements of Section 424.2, Chapter 4, Florida Building Code-Building.

Roof Inspection Affidavits
This form is used to certify that a roof installation was done according to the Hurricane Mitigation Retrofit Manual (based on Section 553.844, Florida Statutes) by a professional certified in accordance with Chapter 468, Part XII, Florida Statues.
Sign Permit Application Use this application if the project includes new, existing, or modified signs. See City Code Chapter 13, Signs and Advertising.
Tree Removal Permit Application Use this application if you are proposing to remove or relocate a tree. See City Code Section 8.02.00, Tree Protection. Note: Removal of certain tree species does not require a City permit.  This is a new application as of February 18, 2019
Truss Package Structural Verification This form is used by a building design professional to verify that the loads being imposed by the trusses and their anchors are not adversely affecting the underlying structure. The verification becomes part of the approved construction documents.
Utility Impact Fee Form This form is for impact fees for all New Port Richey Utilities, whether inside or outside the city. Firm must presented to the Public Works Department, reviewed by the Planning and Development Department, before payment is made at the Finance Department.
Worksheets for New Commercial/Subdivision Sites Use this worksheet to calculate the costs associated with a site permit application.
Planning & Zoning
Adult Entertainment License Application Use this application to request an Adult Use.
See City Code Chapter 13, Article X, Adult Use Regulations.
Administrative Appeal Application Use this application petition for an appeal of an administrative decision made by the City.
Concept Plan This is applicable for cases when general guidance and feedback is needed before proceeding with preliminary site plans.
Use this application to request a conditional use or special exception use specifically permitted in the applicable zoning district. See City Code Section 7.00.00, Zoning District Regulations.
Certified Parcel Application  Use this application to request administrative review and determination to allow subdivision of one parcel into two lots. See City Code Section 9.01.01, Subdivision Types. Also see Certified Parcel Checklist CERTIFIED PARCEL CHECKLIST
Certified Parcel Checklist

Use this checklist to help in preparing a complete Certified Parcel Application.

Fees Use this to determine the fee for each application.  Fees are paid for planning applications when they submitted.
Land Use Plan Amendment and Rezoning Application


Use this application to request consideration of an amendment to the Future Land Use Map and/or Zoning Map. See City Code Section 5.01.00, Rezonings.
Mobile Vending Application

Use this application to request consideration of mobile vending use on commercially-zoned property. See City Code Section 7.00.00, Zoning District Regulations, including Section 7.11.00, Downtown Zoning District.

NPDES Detail Sheet Use this National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System Details (NPDES) detail sheet to demonstrate that your construction project will employ appropriate pollution prevention techniques to minimize erosion and sedimentation and properly manage stormwater. See City Code sections 11-66 and 24-412, Stormwater Discharges from Industrial Activities and Construction Sites.
NPDES Signature Sheet

This sheet is contains notes and signatures that accompany the NPDES Detail Sheet.

Performance Option Variance Application Use this application to request the ability to make certain improvements to real property that otherwise would not be allowed by the Land Development Code. See City Code Section 19.00.01, Performance Options. Note:  This process is only used for changes to single-family structures within the R-1, R-2, or R-3 zoning districts. It is not applicable to accessory uses such as pools/enclosures or fences.
Sidewalk Café Permit Application Revocable License Agreement Use both of these forms to request review of a proposed sidewalk café on city right-of-way. See subsections 7.11.14 through 7.11.21 in City Code Section 7.11.00, Downtown Zoning District. Note: Florida Statutes, Sections 561 through 569 concerning alcohol beverages and other City Code requirements are applicable.
Extension of Premises Alcoholic Events
Unity of Title Declaration  Use this form to declare separate lots, plots, parcels, acreage, or portions thereof as unified into one indivisible building site under one title. City Code Section 9.16.00, Unity of Title.
Vacation of Easement/Public Right-of-Way Application

Use this application to request a vacation of easement or public right-of-way.

Variance Application
  • Use this application to seek relief from development standards of the Land Development Code and Building Regulations.  See LDC Section 5.03.00, Variances.

Variance requests are reviewed by the Land Development Review Board (LDRB).  Note:  The schedule may not apply to cases that are incomplete by the application deadline

Zoning Clearance Use this form prior to applying for a business tax receipt, to ensure that your proposal meets zoning requirements.
Zoning Verification Use this form to identify the legal zoning classification and zoning history
Home Improvement Reimbursement Grants Use this application to apply for funds to make certain repairs and improvements to your property (eligibility requirements apply).

Development Department


Dale Hall
Planning & Development Director
Phone: (727) 853-1036

Our Vision

Building a better tomorrow, starting today

Our Mission

Enhance the City’s position as the business, financial and cultural heart of West Pasco County, by ensuring the safe conditions of existing buildings, making sure new developments are aesthetically pleasing, functionally relevant, and enhancing the residential and commercial core of the city.


The Development Department coordinates the approval processes for building, planning, zoning, and redevelopment activities in the city. The department ensures that existing properties and newly constructed buildings meet all applicable codes and regulations. It also provides comprehensive planning services and zoning information.

Refer to each of these web pages for more information:

Long Range Planning

Comprehensive Planning

Comprehensive planning takes a long view to envision places where people will live, work, and play in the city over the next 10 years and beyond. The City of New Port Richey’s Comprehensive Plan anticipates community change affecting the availability of public services and infrastructure, and provides policy direction for decisions about growth and development and preserving special places

Redevelopment Division

Scheduling Pre-Application Meetings with DRC

The City’s Community Redevelopment Agency (CRA) Redevelopment Plan provides a framework for projects and activities intended to revitalize and improve conditions within the New Port Richey Community Redevelopment Area. The plan outlines redevelopment strategies and provides a description of the various projects and programs that are being implemented within the area.

The City’s first CRA Redevelopment Plan was adopted by the CRA Board (City Council) in 1989. Updates to the plan were adopted in 2001, 2012 and 2018.

Florida’s Community Redevelopment Act outlines the required steps for establishing a community redevelopment area and creating/updating a redevelopment plan.


Regional Planning

The City participates in long range transportation planning in conjunction with the Pasco County Metropolitan Planning Organization (MPO). The MPO is responsible for countywide transportation planning and in doing so engages local governments and citizens in the planning and decision making processes. A member of the City Council represents the City on MPO Board. The Development Department Director is a member of the MPO Technical Advisory Committee. The MPO Citizens Advisory Committee is an opportunity for city residents to provide input on transportation plans and projects.


The City of New Port Richey Comprehensive Plan is an official document adopted by City Council that guides decision making on the physical, economic, and social aspects of the community. The plan contains goals, objectives, and policies–including the Future Land Use Map and Future Transportation Map – that serve as the City’s 10-year blueprint for growth and development.

Florida’s Community Planning Act requires that all local governments adopt a Comprehensive Plan, in part to ensure that necessary infrastructure will be in place to serve current and future residents. This concept, known as concurrency, is based on adopted level of service standards for certain public facilities and services, such as roads, parks, and drinking water supply systems.

Community involvement is integral to developing the Comprehensive Plan, which is updated every seven years following an evaluation and appraisal process. The City engages the community in process to determine if the plan continues to:

  • Accurately reflect current and anticipated conditions
  • Embody the community vision for the city
  • Address public infrastructure needs
  • Comply with applicable state laws
  • Be consistent with state and regional policy plans

The City of New Port Richey 2020 Comprehensive Plan includes several chapters (known as “elements”):
*  Introduction to Comprehensive Plan and Appendices
*  Capital Improvements Element
*  Coastal Management Element
*  Conservation Element
*  Future Land Use Element
*  Housing Element
*  Infrastructure Element
*  Intergovernmental Coordination Element
*  Livable Cities Element, Part 1 of 4
*  Livable Cities Element, Part 2 of 4
*  Livable Cities Element, Part 3 of 4
*  Livable Cities Element, Part 4 of 4
*  Recreation/Open Space Element
*  Public Schools Facilities Element
*  Transportation Element
*  Water Supply Facilities Work Plan
*  Maps

Current Planning

 Scheduling Pre-Application Meetings with DRC

The City's Development Review Committee (DRC) provide an informal pre-application meeting where potential projects can be presented and reviewed by staff from various departments involved in the development review and permitting processes (Development, Engineering, Fire, Police, and Public Works). The committee will review both conceptual and detailed plans and will provide feedback and guidance based on the materials presented at the meeting.

The DRC meets each Thursday,  starting at 10:30 am with customers. Meetings are held in the Development Department located on the first floor of City Hall, 5919 Main Street.

If you are thinking of bringing a new development project to New Port Richey, the Development Department strongly encourages you to meet with us before you begin any project design work. Whether you are the developer, land planner, or the property owner, the Development Department will arrange a meeting with members of various City departments to discuss your potential project and conceptual site plans early in the design process.

To schedule an appointment with the DRC, please contact the Development Department

Zoning Information Available through Development Department

The Development Department is your source for information about zoning on all parcels within the City limits. Below is a link to our zoning map. This map does change, so  please call for the latest information.  The zoning information on the Pasco County Property Appraiser website may be inaccurate

Zoning Map

We Want to Hear Your Feedback

Tell us what you think about our service by emailing your comments to the City's Planning & Development Director Hall at  We're constantly working to improve the customer service experience.

Fold Your Plans Like a Pro!

Why does the Development Department ask that you fold your development plans this way? A properly folded plan 1) makes the title block visible without having to open the entire sheet, 2) is easier to open and close, and 3) fits in standard size file folder.  Take a look at this video and see how you can "fold like a pro".